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About Fortuna

Maciej Fortuna is one of the most dynamic jazzmen of the young Polish generation. Constantly in search for new sounds of trumpet, starting with jazz and not being content with already existing forms.


Trumpeter, composer, arranger. He has the degree of Ph.D. in Musical Arts, M.A. in Law, music producer, runs a recording company. Lectures at the Academy of Music in Poznań.


Apart from creating his own language of musical expression and extending the sound palette of his instrument, Fortuna also experiments with other music genres.


He works a lot with the application of live electronics, develops and directs multimedia concerts, video productions.

Fortuna's Projects

"His prolific activity as a player and recording artist is unprecedented and his rapid development as a musician and composer, as documented by his frequent recordings, is simply astounding".
Adam Baruch jazz critic


Maciej Fortuna Trio

„Great jazz? No. It's more than just that. Great music!”, „I cannot say anything else but that in such a set-up this trio is one of BEST combos in whole Polish jazz these days”. Maciej Nowotny

Fortuna Acoustic Quartet

is a group derived from Maciej Fortuna Quartet, which had been played a number of tours and several recordings including „Lost Keys” which was nominated for „Fryderyki” award in 2011. Quartet performs compositions of forgotten or often unappreciated Polish jazz composers, beginning in 1950s and continuing to the most recent ones.


An On Bast/Maciej Fortuna

An On Bast and Maciej Fortuna create in rare convention: "processingbop". They perform music based on acoustic trumpet sound which is simultaneously modified using live electronics. Whole thing can be called trumpet sound live reproduction.

Transcription of film music by Krzysztof Penderecki

performed by An On Bast (live electronics) and Maciej Fortuna (trumpet, live electronics) is a fresh and daring take on musical motifs popular as well as rooted in the culture. The duo is accompanied by VJ Pillow’s visuals inspired by images from the films for which music was composed. And that's what we call real multi-media experience.


Fortuna Solo

that's probably the most demanding and artistically refined of Fortuna's projects. And also hard to term. No words can describe the sounds, let the music speak for itself. Musica sin precedentes.


Chamber music full of space. Although they both come from two different worlds of music, they are known primarily for their achievements in the field of jazz and improvised music. Fortuna/Dys project earned the acclaim of jazz scene critics in the past year 2013, when the duo released the album “Tropy” (“Clues”). The widely-reviewed album turned out to be one of the album of the year by Polish-Jazz and also won a huge number of positive reviews, among others, at the portal.


Fortuna/Dys Maciejewski

In 2014 DUX Recording Producers released their newest album: "Fortuna/Dys Maciejewski Variations", which is a set of variations of selected works by Roman Maciejewski. The shape of the compositions was dominated by the form of the variation treated in the manner typical of improvised music. The original motivic material became only the starting point for further processing of the composition.

Music for Trumpet and Pipe Organ

ambient music, intimate in its spirit. First album recorded on September 2013 in St. Anna's Church in Warsaw.


Fortuna Ethno Quartet

is the newest project of Maciej Fortuna. The general idea was to use jewish music and combine it with language of improvisation. The concept evolved gradually, and the traditional jewish melodies became just one of many sources they're inspired by. The repertoire contains traditional music as well as their own compositions. And what makes this project sounds so distinctive is its instrumentation – trumpet, saxhorn, bass clarinet, ocarinas, trombone, drums, accordion.

Fortuna Electric Quartet

Fortuna Electric Quartet – most powerful. The history of the group dates back to 2009. Funky music full of energy. Entertaining.


Fortuna Electric Quartet special projects

They create various projects with unique vocalists, look for the music on youtube and facebook page.

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Recent Albums

Albums available for purchase via Fortuna Music website. Click here to go to the site.

Fortuna's Tour Dates

„Maciej Fortuna presented himself as a mature, fully formed artist. His compositions, instrumental technique, sound, intuition and stylistic awareness make us believe that a great future awaits him”.
Bogdan Chmura (jazz critic)

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