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Maciej Fortuna

Maciej Fortuna is a Polish trumpeter, composer and music producer. He has a Ph.D. degree in musical arts and an M.A. degree in law and actively pursues his artistic career. In his work, he strives to create his own language of musical expression and expand the sound palette of his instrument. He enjoys experimenting with combining different art forms. An important element of his creative work consists in the use of live electronics. He creates and directs multimedia concerts and video productions.

Fortuna Music

Fortuna Music is a record label and music studio established in 2012. It was created as a means to achieve artistic independence and unrestricted creative freedom as well as an opportunity to create an own way of expression. The label’s mission consists in putting into practice Fortuna’s creative ideas. // A few words from myself: in music, it is wonderful to be independent. Today such independence – not waiting for anyone and setting one’s own path – has become almost impossible.

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Artistic Work

Fortuna combines different genres using any and all means available. While he favours some over others, he refuses to limit himself to only one musical genre. He is the founder and leader of some of the top Polish bands in improvised music, such as Maciej Fortuna Trio (Solar Ring, Sahjia, At Home, Jazz), the critically acclaimed Maciej Fortuna Quartet and the Fortuna/Dys duo that produced two albums: Tropy (FM, 2013) and Maciejewski Variations (DUX, 2014). He performs music combining jazz with electronics, both solo and in collaboration with An On Bast (the duo’s albums include 1, Live, and Electronic transcriptions of film music by Krzysztof Penderecki). His recent project inspired by Kolberg’s works on Slavic folklore has been extremely successful in Poland (Kolberg Fortuny, later Maciej Fortuna Słowiański). He performed at various international music festivals such as Jarasum International Jazz Festival, Heineken Jazzaldia San Sebastián Jazz Festival, and Fringe Festival.

Fortuna’s work meets with critical acclaim both in Poland and internationally.
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new: Fortuna plays Szymborska

Almost everyone knows the recordings of Wisława Szymborska reading her poems. What will happen when the melody of her voice is treated literally – when the music becomes strictly determined by her words, the resulting elements combined into an interactive evening of poetry? This approach focuses on the elements hidden behind the timbre of the poet’s voice, its intonation, and the changing tempo and rhythm of recitation. The result is a unique blend of music and poetry that highlights not only the words, but also their melody. Maciej Fortuna plays Wisława Szymborska for everyone, in particular young people, offering them an opportunity to rediscover the poet’s works.

Archival audio and video footage and original cut-outs by Wisława Szymborska were used in the project.

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